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About Me

Ryuma Matsuzaka was born in Japan. He is a stage and movie actor, scriptwriter and producer.  He first joined a Japanese theater company in 2005. He played lead and supporting roles and scriptwriter for the company.
He began his movie career from 2008.
He won best actor award twice at the Schooling Pad for Film in 2011 and 2013.
He moved to New York on July 23, 2014. There he began studying Uta Hagen method acting at HB Studio. In his free time, 

He established The Japanese Artists Project in 2020. He gathered 23 Japanese artists then he produced 'Ue o Muite Aruko' video on Youtube. This video got 400000 views.

​His first time short film project 'Street' won prize Best Drama North America at Alternative Film Festival 2021. 

​And he produced and appeared short documentary film 'EKIDEN' was selected by Asian American International Film Festival 2022.  

He is currently planning an off-Broadway project in 2023.

Height: 5'11''

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Ryuma Matsuzaka Japanese Actor
2010 - present

EKIDEN (completed)| directed by Haruna Azumi| in NY 2022

Lead Role, Producer

Street | directed by Ryuma Matsuzaka | in NY 2021

Won prize Best Drama North America at Alternative Film Festival 

Officially Selected for the NewFilmmakers NewYork Film Festival

Officially Selected for the Angaelica Film Festiva​l

Lead Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer

8:15 | directed by J.R. Heffelfinger | in NY 2020

Audience Award at NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2020 

Officially Selected for the 2020 NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL


Officially Selected for the 2021 Association for Asian Studies Film Expo

Starring Role

2010 - present

To the Moon (VO)| directed byHarvard university student | in NY 2020

Lead Role

The Streetz | directed by John Paul Ceramello | in NY 2017

Starring Role

Water Girls | directed by Yun Ye | in NY 2017

Officially Selected for the 2017 New York Short Film Festival

Leading Role

FAB3 | directed by Kentarou Shimasaki | in Japan 2015

Fukuoka Independent Film Festival Outstanding Performance Award

Lead Actor

METALCA | directed by Eiji Uchida | in Japan 2014

Won the Grand Prize at Zompire: The Undead Film Festival (USA)

Starring Role

Light and Shadow | directed by Junpei Suzuki | in Japan 2014

Award by Tama New Wave Arushiten Competition at 15th Tama New Wave

Lead Actor

In the Hero | directed by Masaharu Take | in Japan 2014

Starring Role

Greatful Dead | directed by Eiji Uchida | in Japan 2014

2013 Raindance Film Festival

Japanese Christian

Maiko | directed by Yusaku Fushimi | in Japan 2013

Won Prize at 1st Selection of the Moving Pictures Festival, Nieuwmoer, Belgium

Lead Actor​

Orbis | directed by Ryosuke Honaka | in Japan 2013

Lead Actor

I Am Ichihashi | directed by Dean Fujioka | in Japan 2013


Aniki | directed by Junpei Suzuki| in Japan 2013

Grand Prize at Second Iwaki Bouken Film Festival 2013, Wins Prize at West Tokyo Film Festival 2012, Wins Prize at Yokohama Independent Film Festival 2012

Lead Actor

Eden | directed by Take Masaharu | in Japan 2012

Selected by World Premiere for 17th Busan International Film Festival (Korea)

Starring Role

Period Uttara Catharsis| directed by Junpei Suzuki | in Japan 2011

Awarded 5th Jury's Special Award at the Odawara Film Festival Short Film Contest

Lead Actor

Television & Radio & Commercial & VO

Goldman Sachs VO for Commercial | in NY 2020

Lead Role

G Fuel Commercial | in NY 2020

Lead Role

Music Bird FM Radio Stations|  Produce by Eiichi Otani | in Japan 2019

Guest Personality

Fuji Television (CX) | Hyouryu Hikky | directed by Hirokazu Fujizawa | in Japan 2013

Lead Actor

BS-TBS | Kamisama no Itazura | directed by Noboru Iguchi | in Japan 2013


Wowow | Kingyo no Yume | directed by Mitsuhiro Mihara | in Japan 2012

Young Businessman


Amaterasu Za Theater Campany | Chushingura 47Ronin | in NY 2022


Starring Actor

The Japan Artist Project | Samurai of Blue eyes | in NY 2022 (Pre-Production)

Lead Actor & Director & Playwright &Producer

MUKON Theater Company | ONION | in Japan 2019

Acting adv​iser

MUKON Theater Company | SAKURA-Gift- | in Japan 2014

Lead Actor​

Attention Please Theater Company | Maihama Vice | in Japan 2009

Lead Actor

Kantokirkto Theater Company | Wagahaiha Ningendearu | in Japan 2008

Starring Actor

Kantokirkto Theater Company | Kokuhakuno Omnibus | in Japan 2007

Lead Actor & Scriptwriter

Kantokirkto Theater Company| Jinsei Owarai Gekijou | in Japan 2006

Lead Actor & Scriptwriter

Kantokirkto Theater Company | Yanagisawa Omocha Honpo Shinshouhin Kikakushitsu Kaihatsu Shuninno Hanashi | in Japan 2006

Starring Actor

Kantokirkto Theater Company | Ame Monogatari | in Japan 2005

Starring Actor:


NYLON Japan | Official documentary of  Ikumi’s show at NY Fashion Week | 

in NY 2015

Director, Editor

Training &

Actor’s Self Expression Workshop | Instructor​

Special Skills

Blues Harp by Blues and Rock & Roll

Japanese Tate: Katana Sword Fighting

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